Young retiree dream of Italy!

26 Apr 2012

Lise is a young retiree who has used Budget Express for over 4 years. She and her husband are now dreaming of Italy! However, they are aware that they will need big savings efforts to realize this project… First step to get there: follow the family budget!

User Profile
Woman, 60 years old, retired, owner of her residence with her spouse, lives approximately 30 kilometers from the nearest town, has a fairly new car for which she is still making payments, has no investments other than RRSP, has a cottage, considers her debt ratio as moderate.

Why Make a Budget?
Just like most people, keeping a budget is simply a reliable way for Lise to get an accurate picture of her finances.

How She Uses Budget Express
Lise has managed her personal budget using Budget Express software for over four years. She uses the bank reconciliation function almost every day. This allows her to automatically associate each banking operation to what was planned through the electronic statement provided by her financial institution. To learn more about this feature of Budget Express, read Bank reconciliation with Budget Express.

Lise took the time to build her initial budget and to set up categories and subcategories to classify expenditures. Thus, from time to time, she consults the Summary tab to see how the amounts allocated to each category are changing. This tells her precisely where her money goes.

A Dream of Italy
Lise and her husband wish to be able to travel to Europe when their finances allow them. They dream of Italy, land of sunshine, fine food, good wine and art. They do not yet exactly know when it will be possible, but they have already begun to plan by budgeting a little savings in the software. Meanwhile, they can enjoy the tranquility of their peaceful cottage…

Audrey Miller

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