Speed up display time on BudgetExpress

18 Apr 2012

After a few years keeping data for your budget, Budget Express may start to be slow. Indeed, the software must every day perform more and more calculations. Therefore, the calendar view may take several seconds to refresh when you adjust an operation.

To avoid unnecessary loading time, it is recommended to create a new budget each year. Of course, you will not lose any of your planned items nor amounts! Your budget will only be eased up of past data.

Here’s how to create a new budget without losing anything. Refer to the illustrations for more information.

1. In Budget Express, click on the File menu, then New.

2. In the pop up window, name your new budget (for example, “John 2012”).  

3. Check “Create the new budget using data from the following existing budget :”.

4. Choose the budget from which you wish to import data. Click on Open, then on Ok.

5. Then, choose the beginning date of this new budget. Your data will be imported from this date. Click on Next.

6. Choose what kind of information you want to import by checking of unchecking the options. Click on Next.

7. In the last window, verify is the opening balance is correct. You may also change it later.

You’re done!
Note that your old budget is still saved on your computer if you need it.

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