News about version 5.0 of Budget Express

The new version of Budget Express is coming soon and you will have access to a brand new interface, more modern and intuitive.

Finally Budget Express will be available on a Mac, also on Windows.format-drive-pc-mac redimensionné


The popular software is keeping its functionalities that help more than 100 000 users manage their personal finance over the years. The guide (wizard) that help you build your budget, in less than 20 minutes, is back. The calendar that lets you see upcoming transactions is also back. Brand new and more flexible way of analyzing your data will be available.

We continue to give you access to your data from your bank account and credit card account without having to give Budget Express your banks account number and password. A more secure way to reconcile your operations.

A new version also means new functionalities like a brand new dashboard (see image below) that let you see a summary of your operations from the main page. You will be able to choose your currency and even the image you want to print on your reports.

Budget Express will be updated from time to time and will add new functionalities at no cost. For example, in 2018 we will add new features like a roll over function and the multi-category operations.

Users from version 4.0 will be able to buy the new version at a discount 19.99$ (the regular version will be priced at 29.99$).

Version 4.0 will continue to be supported until December 31, 2018.

The owner of Budget Express will continue to brand Budget Express and offer different versions of the program, like mobile and cloud versions.

There will be a brand new web site available at the same time as the new version. We will continue to add blog post related to personal finance and « how to » guide for Budget Express.

We will divulge the exact date of the availability of version 5.0 of Budget Express in the next couple of weeks. Follow the Facebook page of Budget Express ( or You will also be informed via the newsletter.

You have questions regarding the upcoming version of Budget Express, please write to

Image from the new version:

Dashboard anglais