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Dear Budget Express users, I’m very proud to announce that I’m the new owner of I2S Finance, the distributor of Budget Express. My name is Réjean Campeau, you can access my LinkedIn account for more on my background (French). LinkedIn

This acquisition was done to assure sustainability to Budget Expre$$. I have every intention of getting a new version of Budget Expre$$ out as soon as I can. I will continue to offer support like the previous owner (see a word from Yves Néron below).

Economy is probably the main concern for all of us and keeping a budget is more and more important to be able to realise a good planning for our family, for retirement or our dream vacation.
Budget Expre$$ will continue to be available from our supplier Bureau en Gros and from the web site

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The BudgetExpress team

A word from Yves Néron:
It's with great pleasure that I'm selling the company I2S Finance to Mr. Campeau. His interest in continuing the growth of the brand was the main reason I sold to Mr. Campeau. thanks for all those years, you were great customers and good luck to the the new owner of Budget ExpreSS.