New Budget

How to create a new budget from an existing file :

For multiple reasons, like keeping a backup of your budget, starting over or to reduce the number of transactions in your data file, it’s useful to create a new budget file from an existing one (.bdg). I recommend you do this frequently to have less data in your file and be able to let Budget Express work better for you.

Here is the procedure :

In Budget Express click on File/New



New Budget1







Enter the name of the new budget file (New Budget, in the print screen).

If you wish to start a new budget from an existing file click on « Create the new budget using data from the following existing budget »,

then click on the path to choose an existing Budget Express file (.bdg). The file is often in the « My documents » directory or you can search on your computer « .bdg » to find the file.



New Budget2






In my example I will choose the file name « personal.bdg ».

Then Budget Express will ask from which date of this file you wish to create the new budget. This date is very important. By default Budget Express will choose the date you are creating your new budget (today). If you wish to work in one year at the time and your finance are based on the year, choose January first.



New Budget3







By doing this procedure you will have two budget files, one to the date you created the new file and the other one from the first of the year (like in my example). After that you will be able to continue working in the new file. If you ever need to go back in time your other file will still be available for viewing your data.

Réjean Campeau

Budget Express