Independent and determined, I am finally at home!

3 Apr 2012

Sylvie has recently acquired a semi-detached house. She now needs to monitor her budget closely to pay all the related expenses. Still, it’s nothing compared to the joy she gets from having her own home and land now!

User Profile
Woman, 38 years old, programmer/analyst, owns a semi-detached house, lives alone, has a recent car that is completely paid, does contribute to a RRSP on a regular basis, considers her debt ratio to be low.

Why make a budget?
Like many people, Sylvie keeps a budget mostly to make sure she only spends money she really has. Since she lives alone, she must assume all the costs associated to her residence, in addition to other living expenses. This requires a lot of control. Sylvie wishes to maintain her debt ratio as low as possible and manages to avoid unnecessary loans by carefully planning her savings through BudgetExpress.

How she uses BudgetExpress
Sylvie has managed her personal budget with BudgetExpress for years. She updates it at least once a week and makes sure all scheduled operations correspond to reality. If there are any changes to make, she enters them manually in the calendar. However, she admits this does not occur very often because she knows her budget by heart!

Finally home, thanks to BudgetExpress!
A few years ago, when she finally got a job that was paying enough to start making projects, Sylvie began to dream about leaving her apartment and live the life of a home owner. This meant buying a car to facilitate transportation and planning all the costs associated with buying a house. She decided to use BudgetExpress to build financial scenarios in order to know what were her realistic options.

Now, she is the proud owner of a small car and a nice semi-detached house. Everyday, she enjoys what this life change has brought to her. “I have my own land corner and I can see the forest behind my house. It’s quite a change from the city concrete!”

Little by little, she continues saving money and improves her living space to her very own taste…



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