Budget Express for your business

You own a business or you’re a self-worker and you are looking for a budget software, look no further, Budget Express is the software you need. Even if Budget Express is mostly identified as a personal finance program, it can easily be used in your business.

Budget Express is not expensive and you there is no monthly cost, only 24.99$ for the full licence. At that price, you can also use it as your personal finance software.

Here is an example of a professional budget done in less than 20 minutes :

Monthly follow-up of your revenues and expenses :



Summary of your revenue for a specific month :



Summary of your expenses for a specific month :



Financial balance for the month :



Your working capital :


And much more :

  • Credit card management
  • Multiple bank account management
  • Company loan management
  • Investment follow-up
  • Bank reconciliation from your different bank account and credit cards.