Calculator tools

Start saving and make your dreams come true

Are you planning to buy a car, going on travel or thinking about retirement? The investment planning tool will help foresee status of your savings & investments!

From the Tools menu, you have access to the “Loan Calculator” and to the “Investment Calculator”. These two tools are used to simulate a loan or investment!

The loan calculator is used to obtain a payments table associated with paying an interest-bearing loan, as well as estimate:

• the amount of the monthly payment, based on the amount borrowed, the term and the interest rate;
• the amount of the loan, based on the value of payments, the interest rate and the loan term;
• the interest rate, based on the term, the amount borrowed and the value of the payments;
• the term, based on the interest rate, the amount borrowed and the value of the payments.

BudgetExpress also lets you define savings items. These items will allow you to save up for short-, medium- or long-term projects. Since money saved is deducted from the budget, it does not show on your balance, but it is kept in the savings item. It is possible to get it when needed.

Use savings to contribute to your retirement savings plan, to save up in order to purchase something of great value or as a cushion.

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