4.0 New features

You’ve been using Budget Express for a while now or just acquired a copy?

You’re asking yourself what the new features of this version 4.0 might be and, most of all, how to use them?

The software keeps the same simple approach, oriented on a clear monthly budget planning by leveraging the calendar, to which we’ve added, answering requests and recommendations from users, a few practical tools. Here’s, in summary, these new features:

1. A new, modernized, freshened-up interface

One of our objective is to make the exercise of doing a budget be an easy, simple and most of all, fun one. We worked with software user interface experts to develop a new user interface more in line with the most recent versions of Windows: new colors more up-to-date and inviting users to discover new features, modern screens, redesigned icons and more.

You should be able to recognized your faithful Budget Express, but just in case, expect to find modifications in the home section, calendar, details and summary pages, on top of the transactions navigation bar on your left end side. We hope you’ll like the changes!

2. Drag & drop operations within the calendar

This new feature allows you to move around a planned transaction from a specific date in your calendar, to a new date, without having to double-click it and manually modify the date. Using your mouse, click on the planned transaction’s icon or text, then drag it to the new date and drop it at this date. There you go! It’s now that easy to change the date of a transaction and to update your budget!

3. “This expense has occurred” new option directly when we add a new expense

When adding a new expense, you can now immediately indicate that the expense has occurred, on top of specifying if it was a planned expense or not. This allows you to update your budget in less clicks, all the while allowing you to do a follow-up of your planned transactions against your real ones, at the right dates.

4. In the “Summary” section, highlighting of expense categories for which the real expenses exceeded the planned ones

We also added an easy and quick way to identify for which budget item you’ve exceeded your spending during the month! Not only could you see the difference between the planned and real expenses, with the highlighting color change, you can now rapidly see the items and categories for which you’ve over-spent. A quick way to focus on important details.

5. A new newswire module

Budget Express always had a newswire module on the « Home » section of the software. But in this version 4, we’ve changed the interface and the backbone of the news communication and broadcasting module. We will be able to share more information in a better and more secured ways with you. We hope you’ll benefit from it!

6. Install module update

To simplify the installation of Budget Express under different languages (English or French) and country support (USA or Canada), on top of simplifying software copy distribution, we modified our installation module (InstallShield). Right after download, you will see that Budget Express installs very quickly. No matter where you’ll find yourself, or the language you speak, it will be an easy task to install Budget Express!

Take note that Budget Express 4 will open your budget file from version 3 of the software and will convert it to version 4. Once this task completed, you will no longer be able to open your budget with version 3 of the software. Budget Express will create a copy of your budget file before converting it. You will be able to re-use that copy in case it is needed.

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