Bank Reconciliation

How to convert a CSV/XLS (Excel) file in a QIF (Quicken) format


Many banks or credit cards company proposes their transactions file in the CSV format. Right now, Budget Express does not reconcile CSV file, only QIF-QFX(Quicken), OFX and OMD  file.

I have a simple solution to ba able to format the CSV in a QIF file. That solution can be use to reconcile any transactions like cash transactions in Bugdet Express.

To do this conversion you need to add an Add-in to Excel. This add-in is free and can be dowloaded from Chez Alice :

Place the file in your users folder :


In Excel

You need to have the option Add-In in your menu.

In Excel select the data you wish to convert in the file BE CAREFUL, the data need to be in the same format and order as the QIF file.


In Budget Express: