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You’re back home from a superstore and you find out that your bill contains both clothing and groceries. Did you know it is possible to allocate the amount of the bill between several budget items in Budget Express?

First of all, you can do it manually. You add up the amounts for each expenditure item, such as “Clothing” and “Grocery,” and you enter them in your calendar according to the planned operations.

If you use the bank reconciliation, here’s how to achieve it. Read more

Lise is a young retiree who has used Budget Express for over 4 years. She and her husband are now dreaming of Italy! However, they are aware that they will need big savings efforts to realize this project… First step to get there: follow the family budget!

User Profile
Woman, 60 years old, retired, owner of her residence with her spouse, lives approximately 30 kilometers from the nearest town, has a fairly new car for which she is still making payments, has no investments other than RRSP, has a cottage, considers her debt ratio as moderate.

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After a few years keeping data for your budget, Budget Express may start to be slow. Indeed, the software must every day perform more and more calculations. Therefore, the calendar view may take several seconds to refresh when you adjust an operation.

To avoid unnecessary loading time, it is recommended to create a new budget each year. Of course, you will not lose any of your planned items nor amounts! Your budget will only be eased up of past data.

Here’s how to create a new budget without losing anything. Refer to the illustrations for more information. Read more

Sylvie has recently acquired a semi-detached house. She now needs to monitor her budget closely to pay all the related expenses. Still, it’s nothing compared to the joy she gets from having her own home and land now!

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Woman, 38 years old, programmer/analyst, owns a semi-detached house, lives alone, has a recent car that is completely paid, does contribute to a RRSP on a regular basis, considers her debt ratio to be low. Read more